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Cafe Royal Books - Repro Show

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Mission Grove E17 Relief c-type print

Separation c-type print

image by Cafe Royal books

Hoxton st N1, Absent Presence

image by Cafe Royal books

image by Cafe Royal books

Repro show includes many forms of artwork. Text based, appropriated, drawing, notes, sculpture, documentation, print, publications, multiples, audio, public art…

Some of the work will have been used, published or shown before — some new, unseen or found. The context in this case is the autonomous image, and the collective processes of the project being developed, displayed, recorded and published. Any previous context, meaning or reason fro the works included is irrelevant to this project.

All work selected for inclusion in the show is standardised by printing black on ISO sized paper using a photocopier and being taped to the wall. 

The exhibition will be updated and added to throughout the show, upto December 15th. The project will be documented and displayed / archived online. 

The gallery will become an experimental space, presenting international works that would otherwise not be placed together.  Away from their original context, sequenced, and unified by a simple print process and display mechanism.

Repro Show at the Art Gallery, Hanover Building, UCLan, Lancashire