Eva Bachmann






Eva Bachmann is a lens based artist and educator. She lives and works in London.

Her photographic series are a visual inquiry into widely overlooked architectural elements. Like an urban archaeologist, she decodes the language of mundane spaces, tracing cultural and historical references through layers of time.

The other main aspect of Bachmann’s work is her investigation of uncanny interactions between light and shade, as shown in her Wall Drawings and Seven Hours series.

As an educator, she teaches art and photography in Further Education and community institutions.


1996-9   Fine Art Painting, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
1998       Erasmus Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam    


Distorted Memory, Time Warp, Espacio Gallery, London.
Unfinished Business, LIP Annual Members exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London.
Immortalise Finalist group show, collaborative project by Historic England,
The Workshop, London.
Delving Into Distant Memories, Bath Photography Festival, Bath.
The Deception of Perception, Reclaim Photography Festival, Birmingham.
Railway Arches, The Time Machine, Galerie Sehnsucht, Rotterdam
On-line representation, Curated, Gallery Amar, London. 
Composition IV, LIP 29th Annual Show, Truman Brewery, London
The Deception of the Perception, Open Studios, Tudor Road, London
Reliefs, 4x5, LCN / Photofusion
Delving Into Distant Memories, Photofusion Salon 2016, London
Urban Cafe Royal Books, Repro Show at the Art Gallery, Hanover Building, UCLan, Lancashire
Window, LIP 28th Annual Show, Espacio Gallery, London
Wobbly Legs, projected during the 'Strange & Familiar-Britain as Revealed by International Photographers' exhibition, Barbican, London
Facades I&II, Beguiled Eye, Photofusion Salon 2015, London
Cosmic Dance, Uncertain States Annual, Mile End Art Pavilion, London
Aftermath, Subculture, Photocopy Club, Exeter
Unfinished Business, neo:artprize, neogallery, Bolton
Favourite Words, E17 Arts Trail, London
Unfinished Business, NCM Exposed, Photofusion,London
Railway Arches, Photofusion Salon 2014, London
There Is No Place Like Home, 30th Anniversary of the BBBC,London
Mossy Landscapes, Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton
Tracing Memories, Buildings on Fire, Cities Methodologies, UCL,London
Facades, Light & Shade, Beguiled Eye, Vyner St, London
Facades, Light & Shade, Beguiled Eye, Cos Artwalk Festival, London
Facades, Beguiled Eye, Special Programme of the 5th Moscow’s Biennale,State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia,Moscow
De-Fragmented / Artists on Architecture, Aras an Chontae, Tullamore,Ireland
Unlimited Fun / Celebration, Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London.
De-Fragmented / Hackney Wicked Open Studios, London.
Hackney Wick Reflections / Allotments, Schwartz Gallery, London.
Taste & Vision, Su Sazzagoni, London
Souls Whispers/ Hackney Utopians at Abney Park, Stoke New. Church Street Gallery, London
De-lineated Time / Hackney Wicked Open Studios, London
Space Drawing / Allotments, Schwartz Gallery, London.                                        Projections / River Run, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.                                           
Transient Dreams of a Community /Small Screams of Communities, La Tuerta, Madrid.
Projection of a Projection / Allotments, Schwartz Gallery, London.
Recent work / BBBC Open Day, Bromley by Bow Centre, London.
Hackney Wick / Conduit, Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London. 
Cagliari / Nomads Group Show, Ravenscroft Road, London.
Cagliari Above & Below / Assaggi d’ Arte, Santa Chiara, Cagliari, Italy
Cagliari: Above & Below, Mk Spazio Cultura, Cagliari, Italy.
Urban Fragments / La Festa de Musique, Breipot, Berlin, Germany.
Recent prints / BBBC Open Day, Bromley by Bow Centre, London.
Villa Nova / BBBC Open Day, Bromley by Bow Centre, London.
Ceramic Facades / Houses, NO:ID Gallery, London.
Meters, Islington Arts Factory, London
site-specific projection, TAA, Farrington Road, London
Abandoned / Betonkunst, Nuremberg, Germany   
site-specific cinema / Found in Space, Tudor Road, London.
site specific projections / TAA, Calvin St, London.  
site specific cinema/  Found in Space, Tudor Road, London.
screening / The Derelict Sensation, St Pancras Chambers, London.      
Liquid Transition / The Sliders, Rio Cinema, London.
Cleansing / TAA, former Flower East Gallery, Richmond Road,London
The Beauty of the Real, Gap, Munich, Germany
Urban Structures, Galerie-Kabinett, Nuremberg, Germany.
Seven Hours, University of North London, School of Architecture &
Interior Design, London.
Colloseum, Now Vision’98’ V&A Museum, Cannon Gallery, London.

Publications, On-line Entries

Traces of Time, photographic contribution for the essay ‘Buildings on Fire’ by Stamatis Zografos of the ‘Engaged, Urbanism’ book. Published by I.B. Tauris

Reliefs, LIP - Summer Edition Neighbourhood                                                
Hackney WickED Festival, Time Out  
Tracing Memories, Cities Methodologies , Buildings on Fire      
De-Fragmented, Artists on Architecture, Irish Association of Architecture
Offaly Independent
 Unlimited Fun, Celebration – The Big Picture, Smokehouse Gallery, London.  
 Reflections on Hackney Wick, Allotments, Schwartz Gallery, London.   
 Hackney Wick, Conduit, Smokehouse Gallery, London.
Space Drawing, Allotments Schwartz Gallery, London.   
Cagliari Above & Below, Assagi di Arte
Cagliari Above & Below, artreport, Itlaly
Cagliari Above & Below, L’Unione Sarda, Italy