Eva Bachmann

Cities Methodologies 2014: Buildings on fire: Towards a new approach to urban memory

Eva BachmannComment

Tracing Memories 2014
photo-montage, charcoal, chalk and pen drawing
20 x 30 cm

Tracing Memories is visual exploration of the Kings Cross Fire in 1987 and its direct implications to the architectural changes made after the disaster.
The eerie impressions of the aftermath drawn with charcoal create a literal link with the burnt wood. The dark images of the fire are contrasted by the transparent, austere looking interiors of the rebuilt underground. Like layers of time, where memory tends to blur between now and then, the multi-layered images fade in and out.

Part of UCL's  Urban Lab: Cities Methodologies 2014: Buildings on Fire: Towards a new approach to urban memory
curated by Stamatis Zografos and Elena Papadaki