Eva Bachmann

Wall Drawings, Delineated Time  and Light Patches site-specific ‘light drawings’, emphasizing a direct link between space, light and time in a built environment. They focus on architectural fragments, examining the subtle boundaries of the transitory and the permanent, the real and the illusionary.

The illusion of the ‘light drawings’ becomes more apparent on a sunny day, when strong daylight creates a transitory layer on top of the drawing. It reinforces the deception between the temporary and the permanent, confounding our intuitive grasp of time and space.
The illusion created by the light drawing seemed so real, that it convinced the cleaner to mistakenly wipe the chalk drawing off the floor, (thinking it was only a temporary reflection).

Light Catcher

A playful interaction between light and space, a whimsical take on a triple reflection between the reflected and the reflection. Here, the transitory light pattern eternalized in a photograph is projected via natural light onto the original light pattern.