Eva Bachmann

LIP Summer Edition, Neighbourhood: Reliefs

Eva BachmannComment

Seemingly insignificant, yet peculiar in appearance, these facades of London’s residential neighbourhood have sparked my sense of wonder. Windowless, with protruding gables, they looked surreal and displaced, as if left over from a dystopian science-fiction novel.  In this series, I aim to shift the view of the ordinary by exemplifying its creative essence, adding a new visual experience.                        

My images are built on multi-layered meanings: There is a common thread of documenting, collecting and classifying urban structures which runs through my work. Like an urban anthropologist, I de-code the language of mundane spaces, tracing cultural and historical references through layers of time. Architecture is my source of inspiration through which to convey these lines of thought.                                               

Another angle to my work is to investigate creative elements found in anonymous architecture.                   Parallel to these concepts, I use photography to explore uncanny interactions of light and shade that add layers of distortion and challenge our view of an ordinary environment. The intent is to bewilder the viewer, engendering a sense of disbelief in order to unsettle our accepted sense of                                                                  

In keeping with Bernd & Hilla Bechers’ methodical approach, whose work has deeply rooted my formal language,  I developed a systematic way of collecting, cataloguing and documenting architectural elements. I am interested in challenging conventional understanding of architecture by adding another meaning to it. My intent is similar to Bechers’, where the topological and architectural documentation became merely a side effect, complementing their main inspiration. Captivated by what they called ’accidental beauty’ of industrial buildings, they referred to architecture as ‘Anonymous Sculptures’.                                  

Following the concept of serial representation through a repetitious framework, the facades appear to be removed from their usual context and take on a new layer of meaning.                                          

Hence the on-going series Reliefs is a visual inquiry into the unnoticed architectural elements found in residential areas. The intent is to shift our awareness, noticing what often goes unnoticed.  I am investigating visual realms of accidental creativity done unintentionally. Devoid of people, these images serve as a testament to creative processes done by unsung workers. Here, anonymous streets transcend into formal abstraction.

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Mission Grove E17 IV

Mission Grove E17 II